Recycling & ZLD

Recycling & Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Sustainable resource protection by recycling and ZLD

Over the past decades, the worldwide scarcity of resources and raw materials has induced the sustainable reactivation of recyclable materials for reuse.

For instance, our customers dewater HDPE granules from caustic solutions in the beverage recycling industry. We are continuously developing the necessary special slotted screens or CONIDUR® screens for these dewatering applications.

The salt load of waste water, e.g. from power stations or from the potash industry, must be minimized. This can be achieved, amongst other methods, by means of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants. In this application dewatering is effective by means of decanters, SHORTBOWL decanters, pusher centrifuges and CONTURBEX centrifuges. For dewatering of rough residues our vibratory centrifuges HSG have a proven record.

Furthermore, fine mixed salts from cristallisation plants are often centrifuged downstream with our SHORTBOWL decanters, pushing centrifuges and CONTURBEX centrifuges at operating temperatures of partly over 100°C. The highly alloyed special steel types, Hastelloy and Titan materials required for these machines are coated for appropriate wear protection with tungsten carbide, Stellite or ceramic tiles. In this innovation-driven market we continuously develop new and more efficient solutions for the coating, bonding and joining technology for our customers.

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